Thursday, 13 December 2018

my conclusion for this year!

My conclusion for this year is great conclusion for me because I met a new teacher and I also learnt lots
of new stuff like poems and geometry.

I loved participating on every single thing that I get on. I enjoyed serving, doing road patrol, and being the 
librarian because I can help the school in church. I enjoyed doing the fruit, however I did had wake up 
early and leave early, but it was worth it. As a cameraman for the film festival I enjoyed working with different people to make a the film.

All the event this year we very fun but my top 3 are the last assembly, mission day and Saint Patrick's day.
For the last day of school I enjoyed performing and watching our items. Mission day was a fun day to 
spend our money for a good cost.Saint Patrick's was a great day because the activities were fun and 

My top 3 P.E. activities were or after school basketball competition, or Beep Test and athletic’s day. I enjoy
ed playing basketball with other people outside of our school. Doing the Beep Test was fund and helpful to 
increase my agility. Athletics day help me identify the fastest person in our school.

My learning on Poems we very fun because it extended my creativity and I also learnt different types of 
poems. My learning on reading helped me improve my skill find the main part in a story. Math was 
extremely fun because of the game prodigy where they combined maths with fun.

My conclusion of this year was very fun and incredible.