Friday, 23 August 2019

My own touch to the story treasure box!

The library is all burned down now. I’m able to fed blaze getting stronger. It’s getting fueled by the books that used to exist. I can see the dead flesh piling up ‘til they make a mountain. I feel disgusted of what they've done to our library. I can smell the flesh getting burned by the heat radiated from bombs.

We started to amble to the other town. The first night of our pilgrimage was painful. We had to sleep on imperceptible pebbles. I had little sleep, I was too busy worrying about the people we had to leave. How are they? Are they fine? Did I do the right thing?

As soon as we arrive in the new village I felt the guilt catching up to me. It has been a few days in the new village, I can’t keep the guilt inside anymore, I plan to leave the day after tomorrow to see if there are any survivors left. I am going to go with some armed men to keep me safe while I search for survivors. I hope my family safe.

Sadly, we were only able to find three survivors on the first day. On The second day we met two survivors who I do not know which was quite suspicious as I thought I  knew everyone in this town. The next day we followed the survivor we met yesterday to a hiding spot we believe some survivors are hiding in. they said my family is inside so we plan to rescue them as soon as possible. Gunshots fire...people scream!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Monday, 17 June 2019

My New Bio!

Kia Ora everyone

 I am Alizzandro and I enjoy creating art using different types of art style especially  classic paper drawing and digital. I’ve always enjoy playing games like everyone else. I was born in the Philippines, Cagayan De Oro. I am in a family of five including my brother, and sister.

I've always enjoy doing math, but I enjoy doing art at school a lot more because it improve my art skills. So far my greatest moments in school was when we did everyday theater and have a go sailing. My challenge for this term is to read faster, however my goals for this years is still to improve my understanding about the more intricate books I read.

So far life has been fun, however I have had some sad moments in my life as well, also I’d enjoy looking forward to be an animator in the future. My inspiration was always been Stan Lee and my brother because he is really good at intricate drawing and also he was the person that gave me the tips and tricks that I need to create basic drawings. My learning in school is going great and I am not looking forward to leaving Saint Patrick’s School.

Come and visit at my blog where I post interesting subjects, reading and some events in St. Patrick’s School!

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